01 March 2012

It's Not Only What You Eat, It's Also Where You Dine

We Americans are such complex little creatures. Our culture eschew's formality. Yet we're the first to "ooh & ahh" at beautiful formal decor. And we (like England) love our Downton Abbey, which gives homage to an earlier & rigidly formal social structure, not to mention eating & dining structure. Take note dearies.

Please make a decision, as indecision is a bore.

If you love formality, live it. If you love slovenliness then....claim it I guess. But I know as do you, that if you transpose your imaginings for your reality you won't look, live, work, carry yourself, (& most importantly for this blog) eat or dine in the same way ever again. Therefore, I'm about to
let your imagination be inspired. The transposing is up to you.

Image from Small Moments Blog
Image from House Beautiful
Image Elle Decor

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