08 March 2012

Kitchen Loving on Etsy

We should always support the entrepreneur! I'm not just saying this because I have been one for many, many, many (too many "many(s)" ?) years. With entrepreneurial endeavors you often get product creativity, originality, & hopefully good service.  I'm always perusing Etsy my Friends (my secret is out), to find something original & unique for me and Hubby's home. Not one of the Etsy vendors' images that is shared above, know about my love of their items...but regardless I must share their wares with the 10s of 10s of you who read this blog. Whom I love dearly!!!!!

Ika Paris' (based in Paris) Shabby Chic Linen Towels made 100% heavy linen. While their not cheap they're a must on my list.

Could Southern Belle Boutique's personalized tray dazzle your guests any more, plus your stylistic ego?

I love a good cake stand especially this one from Maa-moon: Vintage Home and Decor. A sweet stand for a sweet treat.

Seek my Friends new places to show the world your aesthetic, the effort you put in will not disappoint.

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