18 March 2012

Life at Casa Walczak: We're Hitting the Road!

Given Hubby just passed a major milestone in life, can I say again 50...we decided to take to the road for fun & to meet up with family & friends. In fact, by the time this posts we'll have been on the road for about 2 hours already. Our final destination is Florida to see Hubby's family. It just so happens to be Spring Break too (aren't we great planners Sweets).  But we're going to sleepy town Florida, or so I've been told. At some point we'll meet my law school friend & her husband in Miami. But first thing is first. We're headed out of town with our first stop in
St. Louis for the night. We're taking Henri with us. This really will be an adventure! We've decided to take less time getting to Florida. But on the way home we'll meander our way through the Southern States. No worries though, I'll be posting here as usual. Less recipes, a lot of food (not mine of course) & pictures of the Walczak crew-happy, healthy, & hopefully never angry, but possible tired. Okay Loves, I'll Meet You In St. Louis!

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