05 March 2012

Orange Lemon Salt

Variety is the spice of life Lovelies. I talk about food a lot on this site. Rarely do we discuss the spices that grace our food. Therefore, today's topic is SALT. Yes, salt is a spice. But we seem to forget because it is so common place. But in times more ancient (don't quiz me on the dates Dearies) salt was just a much a commodity during the spice trade. Now that, that has been established...let's talk about spicing up salt.
I'd like to claim the idea of citrus salt as my own, but it's not. I received the idea from that lovely blog 101 Cookbooks. Although the combination of lemon & orange was mine.

I thought the natural acidity of lemon combined with the sweet of orange would create a nice distinguished balance. I was correct. I put it on some steamed broccoli last night for dinner & got the taste buds going. So here is my Monday suggestion. Please make the dull extraordinary, and spice up your life!

Orange Lemon Salt
adapted from 101 Cookbooks

1 tbsp organic Orange and Lemon zest, heaping
7 tbsp Sea Salt

Cooking Directions
Preheat the oven to 225 degrees.

Combine the above ingredients in a bowl and mix very well. Spread out the mixed ingredients on parchment paper and let heat for 60 minutes, cooking times will vary (the zest should crumple when rolled between your fingers). 

Remove the salt from the oven. Let cool slightly. Take the parchment paper and gather it at the top, so that the ingredients sit at the bottom and cannot spill from the parchment. With your fingers press out the salt (it may have clumps) while it remains in the parchment. Pour the salt contents into a bowl and further stir, and press with a spoon to make the contents fine (so that it easily pours through a salt shaker). 

Place the finished salt in a shaker and enjoy on your food whether it's cooking or finished. It does add a nice touch. Enjoy!!!


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