15 March 2012

Quotable Quotes: GCB & a Pulled Pork Recipe

I'm wildly in love with Good Christian Bitches. Maybe it's because I've met a few of them in my time at church. Or it could just be my good old maternal Texas roots. All that aside Dearies...there are some quotes I will, and I suggest you  might want to, pull out when appropriate.

"Big hair is a sign of confidence and confidence never goes out of style."

"If I know something and I don't tell her, am I breaking a commandment? I'll Google it."

"Drive it like you stole it!"

"You gotta be Texas strong."

"I hope you're here for good...and not evil."

And let's not forget that on the last (& only second episode) we learned these women liked to eat...pulled pork mind you. So in the spirit of being GCB here's a Southern gal's Pulled Pork recipe...Paula Deen.

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