13 March 2012

Teaching Tuesday: Processed Sugar Alternatives

Image Vogue Korea

Lovies you know how I feel about processed sugar. It's good when it goes through, but it makes you and your body feel like the woman above looks. Comatose is not a good look on anyone! Since I started this blog to provide to you any an all information & recipes that I can get my hand on and into, I believe it's necessary to learn the Azucar ("sugar" in Spanish) substitutes that won't overtly kill your body and what they can be used in. So that you, my Dears, can go on loving sweets again. Did I happen to mention they're all vegan?
Agave Nectar {juice from the leaves of an Agave plant}: Good for baking, beverages & toppings;

Maple Syrup {sap from a Maple tree}: Good for baking, beverages & toppings;

Brown Rice Syrup {cooked rice cultured with enzymes & then concentrated}: Good for baking, beverages & toppings;

Sucanat {crushed sugar cane which juice is then extracted}: Good for baking, & beverages....taste like sugar;

Sucralose {made from sucrose}:  Good for baking, & beverages; &

Stevia {made from the Stevia leaf}: Good for baking, & beverages.

For more detailed information go to One Green Planet

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