17 March 2012

Ways to Have St. Patrick's Day Flare all Year Long

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Green is a great color not only for this day, but also as a sign that the long winter months have past & we're heading to warmer days. In my book green is a sign of being alive (so don't drink & drive this fine "holiday" please). If we stop & look there are so many ways to add green to our lives in the most unique, tasty, and fashionable of ways, my Friends.

Could you just die for the green alligator Manolo Blahnik green sling backs (I ADORE a sling back-you should see my closet). There just a twinge over $2,600.00

I'm thinking of purchasing the Chanel green nail polish especially considering my default & favorite red lipstick is Chanel's Lover.

I can't get enough of the LAMB signature Hopewell Tote. But it will take you back $525.00

I wish I would have thought about wearing the green Hunter Wellie with white socks on my wedding day. She looks so adorable in them with her Valentino dress. These London wedding pictures by Dominique Bader are amazing take a look.

I'm trying to decide when I can make the mouth watering Arugula Salad with Roasted Beets, Bleu Cheese, Mint and Pecans from Mission Delectable.

I forget that it's easy & fun to spice up a room & a formal or informal table with a little or a lot of green decor & food like the treat table from Katie Grace Designs.

How I love thee today.
And even tomorrow.

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