11 March 2012

a Week at Casa Walczak

T to B, L to R: 1) The summer place by the lake-the Bread & Pickle to get sweet treats...it's not quite summer yet; 2) Hubby finding his iPhone thoroughly entertaining; 3) the weekend house treat, vegan chocolate dipped oranges; 4) Henri in all his smiling splendor the night his dogie friend Kuma stopped by; 5) the Bread & Pickle's menu; 6) house treat # 2 vegan chocolate dipped potato chips; 7) me; 8) the best French omlette with spinach, caramelized onions & fontina from The Good Day Cafe; 9) our usual Saturday morning with reading material, audio books, gadgets & of course coffee; 10) a neighborly get together that lasted until 1 am with Nancy & Kuma.

As usual a week around Casa Walczak entailed: lazing, eating, socializing & dreaming. We like it that way at our home & wouldn't change a thing (well except for more, lazing, eating, socializing & dreaming).

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