04 March 2012

a Week In the Life of Casa Walczak

Clockwise: 1. Sugarless aka Less the Neapolitan Mastiff drooler extraordinaire & lover; 2. Less's step-mommy my good friend & former jefe Julie; 3. Stylish movie pictures that flank my friends' wall; 4. Pete the second lover of Jules' home; 5. Reminisce of  our get together & my fitful night's sleep; 6. a deceivingly not so good sandwich from our club {but it looks good}; 7. Mexican pulled pork for the tacos...Hubby liked it!

I should really be calling this Last Night & Two Days Ago. But as blogs go I get to pick the content & these days, people, dogs, & food made for a great week. Hubby goes without saying.

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