18 April 2012

the Any Night Cooking Club

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Hello Dearies. Given a very recent & very tragic event that has shocked our closely knit neighborhood, it has gotten me thinking about the necessity of getting together with & enjoying the company of others. Friends. Family. People you would like to get to know better. Yes, I know people can be challenging. But  most often friends & family alike are good for the soul. What better way to incorporate socializing, food, & a love for cooking, by starting a Cooking Club. 

It's a book club for food, with out all the pressure of needing to read hundreds of pages of something you may not even enjoy. 

It's a perfect way to laugh, drink wine & bond over a shared interest. Best of all you get to eat the results, during & after preparation. I really LOVE this idea. Studies have shown that people who socialize frequently, live longer & are financially wealthier. Aren't these two facts alone Darlings enough of a reason to start making phone calls?

Any Night Cooking Club how to....
Any Night Cooking Club
How To...

First: Get a Good Mix of People...enjoyable ladies, gentlemen, a mix, or couples.

Second: Pick a Number...6-8 people work best for a Cooking Club.

Third: Makes some calls & see if the people you'd like in the Club would want to participate.

Fourth: Send out an email to everyone soliciting availability for an informal first meeting to discuss the Club. Make sure to have people come with general ideas about the club. But make sure you have a more concrete potential framework to discuss.

Fifth: Think about the framework. How often do you want to meet (1x per week or month, or 2x per month).

Sixth: Plan a rotating host schedule so that each member of the group will host a Club meeting at their home.

Seventh: Decide if you will pre-make meals or cook together. This can always alternate depending on the host & their kitchen accommodations.

Eighth: Decide how you will establish menus. Will you have various base themes at each hosts home, such as French then Thai cuisine? Discuss how you will establish & communicate the menus for each Club event, & determine who will cook what (usually the host cooks the main meal & everyone else brings an accompaniment).

To get a PDF Starter Questionnaire for your first meeting, & Two Week Planner leading up to a Club meeting visit Bon Appetit

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