25 April 2012

The Basics: Lemonade + a Variety of Recipes for Spring & Summer

I may have led you astray Loves. Nothing can withstand a storm or become great without a solid foundation. That goes for drinks, food & entertaining. So from here on out, inserted here & there between recipes, entertaining inspiration, get together ideas & a whole host of other things that I think may fit on this little blog of mine, will be THE BASICS. A series of foundational recipes from which to work from, using my ideas or better yet your own creativity. 

Spring will be here shortly & quickly thereafter summer. I abhor the thought of you using a pre made powder like substance with the shelf life of a cockroach, to quench your guests thirst. Therefore, let's start with The Basic Lemonade recipe & work from there shall we.

Basic Lemonade 

3 cups Water, filtered & ice cold
1 cup Lemon Juice, Freshly Squeezed 
3/4 cup Superfine Sugar

Mix all the ingredients together in a pitcher & stir until the sugar is throughly dissolved.

Now here's how to spruce your Lemonade up to Michelin star levels.

To the Basic Lemonade Recipe add

1. Good Earth's Original Sweet & Spicy Tea, cooled in your desired amount. Stir & Serve; 

2. Fresh Mint Leaves, stir & let the lemonade sit in the refrigerator covered for about 30 minutes. Stir & Serve; 

3. Strawberries, pureed in a blender with just enough of the existing Basic Lemonade so the strawberry purees easily. Mix together the lemonade in the pitcher and the strawberry puree. Stir & Serve;

4. Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries or all three, halved in your desired amount and added to the Basic Lemonade. Let sit covered and refrigerated for 45 minutes (stir after 20 minutes). Stir & Serve; or

5. Organic Cucumber, sliced thin. Add in your desired amount. Stir and serve. 

Don't forget to spruce up your lemonade with these cute containers from Potter Barn, below.

photo image 1: Better Homes and Gardens
photo image 2: Pottery Barn

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