10 April 2012

Blackberry & Ricotta Crostini

It's Tuesday my Friends, & we easily glided through Monday (per yesterday's post)! As promised I got back in the polo pony saddle again & started cooking.

I don't know if you do this at your home. But commonly, prior to dinner, Hubby & I will have appetizers & cocktails. A little nibble before dinner ensures adequate ingestion of appropriate dinner portions (unless gluttony reigns due to some hideous turn of the days events). But Darlings never use food as medication, as it dulls the delight of the mediation. This crostini recipe is a part of Casa Walczak's nibble repertoire. It's easy to over do it, so go slow despite your yearning taste-buds, or the ricotta will show up in some very unwanted places!
Blackberry & Ricotta Crostini
serves 8 

1 large Loaf Italian Bread, cut into four slices (from the center of the loaf) and then halved
1 bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 bottle Balsamic Vinegar
1 container Ricotta Cheese (16 oz)
2 6 ounce packages fresh Blackberry, cut in thirds

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

With a pastry brush, coat liberally each of the bread slices with olive oil and then with the balsamic vinegar. Sprinkle each bread slice with salt and pepper in your desired amount.

Place slices in the oven and let toast for 15-20 minutes (cooking times will vary with ovens), until the bread's crust and center is crisp. Turn off the oven.

Top each slice of bread with ricotta cheese (making sure the whole of the bread slices are covered) and blackberries (making sure most of the ricotta cheese is covered).

Place the complete slices back in the oven (which should still be cooling) for 10-15 minutes (making sure the blackberries do not become soft & mushy-they should retain some mild firmness).

Remove the slices from the oven. Serve immediately. Enjoy!!



The Roasted Root said...

Looks like a great snack at tea time or even an awesome appetizer! I don't make nearly enough crostini, and I like that your recipe is creamy, sweet and tart. Looks great!

Elle said...

Thank you!! That's very sweet. May i suggest you start making more crostini. : )