01 April 2012

Casa Walczak: a Road Trip in Pictures

Well Loves, the inhabitants of Casa Walczak are home. We traveled over 3,000 miles during our two week trip to the south & back. Between me & Hubby we took more pictures than we would bore any friends, family, or enemies with-& we still don't believe we took enough! It's about capturing moments & experiences before dementia sets in. The only way to live is to live. And that we did. Hubby, Henri, & I were happy as we traveled through this country's interstate, went to cute towns, neighborhoods, & bakeries & saw historic buildings (some of which were made into rest areas). The best part were the friends & family we got to spend time with again, & the nice southern strangers we got to talk to for a spell from Georgia, Kentucky & Tennessee. This country. My country. I had no idea how really beautiful it is. Have any of you road tripped before? If so to where, how long, & would you do it again?

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