26 April 2012

Currently Nibbling On...Ginger Granola

How many of you are nibblers? As much as I'd like to deny this inherent trait I have, my appetite will not let me, Dearies. Therefore the behemoth job falls upon myself to find something low in fat, somewhat sweet (I like sweet), & has health benefits at the same time. Quite the tall order. Right now I (& of course Henri) are obsessed with Ginger Granola from the bulk food section of Whole Foods. I put it on my Fage yogurt each morning. More importantly, I eat it as a snack during the 4:00 - 6:00 pm hours before dinner (as does Henri), when I find my self inexplicably ravenous. Let's not forget that granola (so long as it is not terribly sweetened) & ginger are superstars for health. Oh lucky Whole Foods! They have two (this includes Henri without saying) terribly addicted granola eating & spending (okay the spending only applies to me as Henri does not contribute anything financially to the household) consumers.

photo image: Danielle Shelton Walczak for Favorable Foods

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