07 April 2012

Last Minute Easter Brunch Recipes, that are Quick, Tasty & Will Not Break the Bank

photo image: The Curvy Carrot

I want to let you in on a little secret my Lovelies. Easter has arrived whether you or I are ready for it or not. This time tomorrow most of us will be either:

A) Having an Easter Brunch at someone's home, restaurant, or golf club (such as I) or,
B) Hosting an Easter Brunch for family & friends.

If you fall into the latter category, here are some last minute recipes (& their links), you may want to incorporate into your shindig. I assure you, if you do your guests will be impressed.

photo image: The Curvy Carrot

Nothing says Easter like the Deviled Egg (a personal favorite of mine that I indulge in liberally & with reckless abandon one time per year-which is now). The Curvy Carrot has made an already delicious recipe into a better one, Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs. This is a can't miss.

This Dears, should look familiar as it is my very own Puffed Apple Pancake. As I described it on Tasty Kitchen, it's a pancake so easy & good you'll never use a griddle again. If you don't believe me see my Tasty Kitchen reviews!

No brunch, would be worth its salt without eggs-whether everyone eats them or not. I just love the look of this recipe for Pesto Potatoes  & Eggs from Notions & Notations from a Novice Cook. The dish doesn't look novice to me. Hence why you should consider this for your Easter meal.

photo image; Martha Stewart

No brunch would be complete without the cocktails. While Mimosa & Bloody Marys are standard faire, change it up a little with this Lillet Rose Spring Cocktail from Martha Stewart. Everyone needs a reason to stick their pinky out while drinking. And this is it!

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