04 April 2012

Last Minute Easy Easter Idea: Chocolate Egg Linen Easter Box

photo image: Pia Tryde

Easter is coming Lovelies. I have to admit I am thoroughly unprepared. If it were not for my extended family members making brunch reservations at the local golf club, Hubby & I would be sunk in Easter weariness while I also gorged on candy (unwittingly mind you). But luckily that will not happen. So now my mission is to create easy Easter "baskets" for friends & family. Let's start with this smart, inspirational, & easy idea above from County Living shall we...
Chocolate Egg Linen Easter Box

1 small Pastel Linen Box (easily found at Michael's stores)
1 Hole Punch (Optional)
Pastel Ribbon (Optional)
1 packages Easter Basket "Grass"
1 bag Pastel Chocolate Plain & Spotted Eggs (my preference is malted milk balls)

Take the linen box and punch eight round holes on each side of the box (as shown above) equidistant from one another, and from the bottom and top of the box. 

Take your ribbon and loop it through the whole of two adjoining sides (as pictured above) and knot.

Add copious amounts of grass to the bottom of the box. Add on top, copious amounts of the chocolate eggs. 

Give to someone you Love. 

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