05 April 2012

Licorice Bird Nest Place Card Holder

photo image: Tia Giovan

Easter is approaching quickly. I feel it's my duty Dears to give you brilliant, affordable, easy ideas to make your holiday special. Many of us will be gathering with family & friends this Sunday to talk, share, & dine. There is simply no excuse for not having a properly attired table...especially since I found this very clever idea from Good House Keeping. The time it will take, 5 minutes at the most. The lasting impression it will give, at least a year...or longer. You were expecting a "life time" were you not? Let's not get carried away. It's unique in that it's an edible place setting. But it's not gold Darlings.

What do you think about this idea? Do you LOVE it or HATE it? You know where I stand or it wouldn't be here.
Licorice Bird Nest Place Card Holder
courtesy of Good House Keeping

1 bag Black Licorice....(I hate black licorice so I would opt for cherry or sour apple green laces)
1 package Pastel Chocolate or Speckled Eggs....(I also prefer the malted milk ball speckled)

Twist two to three black-licorice laces to create a cup. 

Soften in microwave for 20 seconds. Reshape. 

Let cool, then nestle candy eggs inside.

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