09 April 2012

Monday Morning Recipe

Good Monday Dears!! I spent all last week in a post vacation stupor. Now today, this Monday, will jolt me back to my reality via back to back meetings, a to-do list that's a mile long (along with the other everyday responsibilities of living & having a family) & the necessity of moving into my new office space. All of these "things" provide a perfect opportunity for me to go into the day feeling unpleasant, overwhelmed, & dare I say, defeated. But then I remember that everyday, hour, & minute is a chance for me to create who I want to be, how I want to live, what I want to do & with whom I want to share my time. It's all my choosing! I, like you, can take the opportunity or squander it. That too is our choice.

So my LOVES Monday or any day is not bad, but rather good. Believe it or not there is absolutely nothing you have to do (except pay those pesky taxes & get called into the office from God's waiting room). Therefore, I insist that we make the most of today & start creating...the lives & selves we desire!

How are you going to create yourself in the midst of your day and all your obligations?

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