16 April 2012

Monday Morning Recipe

Happy Monday Dears!! No really, Happy Monday. After much thought I believe I have determined why Monday is so difficult for most. It's not the "dead-end job," the horrible boss, the terrible pay, or the mind numbing commute. No. I believe it's more profound than this. You see, the reason why most hate Mondays is because they are a stark reminder of being like everyone else. Complaining about the same things as everyone else. Working to gain the same StUfF as everyone else. Jockeying for positions that everyone else wants. Trying, trying, being, being




when inherently you know, Lovely, that you are not like everyone else. You want to do things, & you see things like no other. But when you live like everyone else you have the potential of dying like everyone else...with an underlying sense of incompletion.

If you ponder long enough you'll realize that quite often the people you envy are really the people who are living their originality. This can be you too. Instead of going through, and feeling about Monday like everyone else, try being & doing something uniquely & originally YOU. Then carry that to...

Tuesday...& then....

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