23 April 2012

Monday Morning Recipe

For our male readers: "he loved life and it loved him right back."

Good Monday Loves!! I hope your weekend was splendid & your upcoming week even better. You may be wondering how can that be possible. Have a week so good it surpasses splendid? 

Energy. Pure & Simple. That's how.

You see we get back what we put out. It is universal law whether we like it or not. While one could claim that this law is unseen, it is in fact noticed yet ignored most days by us. You see, if you walk around with a scowl, all you get is sour faces looking back at you. But if you walk around with a smile, you get beaming faces smiling back at you. "Pollyanna!" You profess. 

Well let's explore this shall we?

How many of you go into each Monday dreading it, only to be proven correct each Monday, as there is always something dreadful to hear, say or do? How many of you feel that you never have enough. Behold! You never do. How many of you wish for something different in your life & are graced with the gift of having to keep wishing. See my point? Maybe...not. Well, how about this?

I've never met a happy, inspired, rich, successful (in more ways than one) man or woman who didn't love life-even with all it's large and small irritations, knocks & turns. But I've met plenty of struggling, curmudgeonly, dissatisfied, discontented, unhappy, people waiting for life to love them first by "cutting them a break." These people, the latter people, are ignoring the rule they see working all the time in their lives. 

YOU First
must love life & then...& only then will it love you back. 

Therefore, here is today's Monday Morning Recipe. If you my Friend are unhappy, unhealthy, discontented, dissatisfied, struggling, & just getting the heck beat out of you...make one minor big change. Find something this day to LOVE. Think about it, think about it, & think about it & ignore the rest of the pooh, until you can find another thing to love...& keep going. Then that good energy will flow out, & I assure you it will find its way back to you in exciting & unexpected ways. 

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