30 April 2012

Monday Morning Recipe

For our male readers: He Is Clothed In strength and dignity and He laughs Without Fear Of The Future.

Good Monday Friends. As you know Hubby, Henri & I went on a mini-holiday road trip to visit Steph. What better to do in a car, but sing along to old & new songs, and think. As I sat looking at the marvelous scenery on the way home I began thinking about when I was a young girl. As a young girl (like most young people) I was desperately experimenting AND trying to figure out who I wanted to BE, with really no concern as to what I wanted to DO. As I thought that would just naturally come about.

However, as time went on & I grew older I started to notice that the idea of B   E   i      n      g   faded, as more external emphasis turned to DOING. And I have been DOing ever since.  And the question my Dears is why? "Yes." I have to make a living & so do you. "Yes." We are meant to do things in this life. But I'm beginning to think that it's more important to "be" something in this life than to just keep mindlessly, jockeying to do something in this life. I can't help but believe that if you & I have a clear vision of who we want to be, the doing (what ever it may be) will just naturally, easily, happily & gracefully come about.

So today's Monday Morning recipe is this:

Ask yourself..."Who do you want to BE?"

Step two.

Have the courage to BE that person!!  


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