04 April 2012

Scrapbook Flowered Easter Eggs

photo image: Frances Janisch

Did I mention I'm not prepared for Easter Dears? I think I did. There isn't a decoration in the house. Which must be based on the fact that my mind & body still are not off vacation. But I'm planning & that's the first step (or is admitting disorganization the first step-if so I might be on step 5). Anywho, when I saw this idea from Country Living I fell in love. One, because they are so adorable. Two, because I have all but one of the supplies already in Casa Walczak. But if you don't have the supplies, this is an easy DIY that will have your family thoroughly impressed. The kids would love to do it too!!!

Scrapbook Flowered Easter Eggs
makes 12 eggs

1 Carton Eggs
1 Needle
1 Straw
1 Food Dying Kit
3 packages Scrapbook Flowers (I really love the Martha Stewart brand)

Insert a long needle into the bottom of each egg; make a small hole, then make a slightly larger one in the top.

Move the needle around inside the shell to break the yolk.

Blow over the smaller hole — feel free to use a straw if you don't want to touch the egg directly — until the liquid drips out of the larger hole.

Run the egg under water. Blow the water out, and let the shell dry overnight.

After coloring the egg, attach adhesive scrapbooking flowers (or fabric flowers using very small amounts of glue). Press to adhere. 

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