11 April 2012

Spring: a Perfect Reason for a May Day Fete {In other Words: Celebration}

all photo images: Hostess with the Mostess

Dears I've made a decision. Decisions...they are so powerful aren't they? They can change the course of one's life. Or in my case, change the course of one's entertaining schedule. You may be asking, "What's this BIG decision Elle?" I'll tell you. 

I've decided to throw a May Day get together. This is very un-Amercian of me, given May Day is an English celebration for the purpose of celebrating the end of a long winter and the advent of spring. You see Friends, I'm Tired (with a capital "T"-you see that)! Maybe it was because I was in the south for two weeks...? Oh who am I kidding. I'm tired because the last two days have been bitterly windy & cold here. It was a little over 40 degrees today! What an abomination to the senses! On Hubby's birthday almost three weeks ago, it was 83 degrees. I must celebrate the advent of spring. 


I NEED to celebrate the advent of spring and the end of this schizophrenic weather pattern!! I know how, I'm going to do it to (with the exception that I would add some healthy salads, chilled soup, & fruit to the mix), thanks to this inspiring spring celebration-which I L.U.V. from Hostess with the Mostess.

May Day isn't just for may baskets anymore like when we were children (remember that Dears). It is now reason for a full out celebration! What a celebration it will be...look at these pics.... 

Will you be celebrating May Day, a get together or making & delivery baskets with the kids??

all images from Hostess with the Mostess

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