15 April 2012

Sunday DIY Digital Inspiration: Paper Flower Cones

photo image & project: Oh Happy Day

Happy Sunday!! Sunday is so great! Bright days; singing birds; Sunday strolls or drives; & DIY
projects. The moment I ran across this sweet (literally & metaphorically) idea from Oh Happy Day, it made me smile (living up to its name). You see, this cute project made it so obvious. First, we, my Friends, have an obligation the minute we see something that immediately makes us smile or feel happy we must do & share it. Second, we must, only if necessary, add thoughts or ideas surround the thing we're sharing. Immediately, upon seeing these Paper Flower Cones. I thought they would be PERFECT for a

  • May Day Basket,
  • Around a summer table where ice cream desserts are being served,
  • In a small Vase, 
  • Hung on little planters in a child's room, or
  • In the cute Mini Planting Pots on the Oh Happy Day Website. 

More importantly, I believe this would be a great craft for you loving Mommas, & Daddies to do with your kids.  Go straight away to the easy instructions & templates here. Don't forget to have a Happy Sunday! 

By the way, what are your plans for today?

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