05 May 2012

About Last Night {Strawberry Salad}

Hello Loves! There are sooooo many recipes, meals & dishes (literally & figuratively) that never make it on the pages of FaVaorable Food. The most obvious reason for this is because a recipe is a complete dud once cooked or eaten. But a not so obvious reason is that Hubby & I have our meal standbys & most times I don't even think about highlighting them here. It's not that I don't want to. But sometimes as a food blogger it's nice to make a meal without writing down every little ingredient. Also, Hubby & I are improvisers at heart. Sometimes we just want our culinary freedom to go. So I've decided to share with you, my precious blogosphere family...some of the dishes that cross our dinner table that you never see.

This one, is quickly becoming a FaVorite here at Casa Walczak, my Strawberry Salad. It's exactly the same recipe as the Sweet Blackberry Almond Feta Salad, except sub strawberries for blackberries.

photo images: FaVorable Food

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