15 May 2012

Currently Nibbling On...Cinnamon Popcorn

Welcome to another day & another post on my little blog here. I thank all of you Friends for stopping by.

Who is old enough to remember Cinnamon Toast Crunch when they were growing up. It was THE cinnamon & sugar cereal, happily purchased by my parents as a smart & healthy breakfast choice for their young daughter. Even though it's over, dare I say, 3 decades later since my sugar induced start to the day, I still love that cinnamon and sugar taste {admittedly first made famous by the Cinnamon Toast}.

Now, popcorn is a big hit with all the inhabitants of Casa Walczak. Hubby, prefers his sans butter but with a lot of salt. Henri just prefers his...any which way it's offered. I prefer mine two ways: 1) with lots of butter & some salt or, 2) lots of butter, a little salt & cinnamon and sugar. Cinnamon popcorn is like a sweet confection. Therefore, don't think you can down this delicacy like a bag at the local theater.  It's popcorn somewhat gourmet-a-fied. Don't take my word for it, make {not microwave or air pop) some real popcorn, add some butter, light salt & a cinnamon sugar mixture. It shall not disappoint.

photo image: FaVorable Food

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