08 May 2012

Currently Nibbling On...Coconut Infused Dark Chocolate

Friends there are so many reasons to eat chocolate. The good chocolate that is. The dark chocolate. The one that is marked with 55% or more Cacao (the higher the percentage the more bitter the chocolate), which gives dark chocolate its nutritiuos properties. First, it can assists in heart health. Second, it makes you feel good, by releasing endorphins in your brain. It also contains that feel good brain chemical serotonin. And dark chocolate can protect your skin. Let us not forget Lovelies that it is an aphrodisiac. It's no wonder that I'm currently nibbling on Organic Dark Chocolate with Coconut from Whole Foods-in moderation of course! I highly recommend it for your health....& some other things...that is.

What is your FaVorite kind of chocolate? Do tell. Don't be shy!

photo image: FaVorable Foods

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