03 May 2012

Currently Nibbling On...Wasabi Peas

Loves here is my newest favorite low fat snack. Let me say this little nibble is not created equally across local market bulk food item sections. I love spice...so much so that I have had to, a various times in my life, curb my caliente intake due to stomach problems. But a total lifetime abolition, not a possibility. Anyway, I used to purchase wasabi peas from a local market, which shall remain unnamed. I just assumed these pop-ables were wasabi in name. Yes. They had wasabi on them. No. They were not particularly spicy. But then I met the wasabi peas from Whole Foods. Let's just say that, as I munch them, the heat is permeating through my head. But I love that!!! I love how good, hot and fatless they are. A good stand by. The hotter they are the less you can gorge on them. My mother-in-law once ate a whole dollop of wasabi in one bite at a sushi restaurant thinking it was guacamole. The peas aren't that hot.

photo image: FaVorable Food

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