13 May 2012

Design It Yourself {DIY} Life: Paper Bouquet {For Mum Too}

Happy Mother's Day Loves!!! To all you Mothers, Mothers to be {pregnant or trying}, be of good cheer. This day is for you. Personally, I set the intention last month to spend more quality time with my Mum {outside our every three week eyebrow waxing at the salon.} We have set in motion 1 day per month were it is just us. Scheduled in advance to avoid unnecessary interruptions.

I also set another intention, for those in my life. Enough with the buying "things" all the time that eventually fade from remembrance. I decided to put the time & sweat ({I hate doing that} equity into my gifts. What better gift for my Mummy {& myself eventually} than an everlasting bouquet made of delicate tissue paper. Don't you dare think, it lacks the aroma of nature's flora. It fact Mum's bouquet smells even better...Channel by Coco Channel better.

If you want the knowledge to start creating a Design It Yourself Life....

Tissue Paper Bouquet


Tissue Paper {in your desired color or colors}
Green Cloth Floral Wire
Rotary Cutter
Cutting Mat
Vintage Tin or Vase
Beautifully Smelling Perfume 

For 1 large flower: cut 6-8, 7x7 squares {for the large flowers pictured above I used 6 squares each}.
For 1 small flower: cut 6-8, 5x5 squares {for the small flowers pictured above I used 8 squares}.

1. Use a cutting mat & rotary cutter to measure the dimensions & cut the squares.

2. Stack each flowers squares on top of one another. Fold the stack into an six fold accordion fold which will result into a thin rectangle. 

3. Cut each end of the accordion in a horse shoe shape {making sure to snip off the corners}.

4. Holding the paper in its center, fan one side of the accordion out.

5. Now begin to gently separate each layer of the tissue paper, creating a blossom {the tissue paper can easily tear during this process for be patient and gentle}.

6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 until you have a full blossomed flower.

7. Take one of the cloth floral wires, and twist about 1 inch of the top of the wire around the center of the blossom were your fingers were, in order to permanently secure the blossom together.

Cut the floral wire to the desired length you would like your stem. Or bend the wire at the bottom so the length of your stem can vary depending on your mood.

Continue making flowers until you have the amount of flowers you desire. Place them in the vintage tin or vase. Arrange. Spritz with perfume. Have lasting enjoyment!

*This project which was inspired by Blog A La Carte suggested you twist the green floral wire after you make the accordion fold, but before you separate the layers making your blossoms. That proved too difficult as the the cloth floral wire is much thicker than the normal floral wire. Thus, the blooms can't be made as fully doing Blog A La Carte's method.  

photo images: FaVorable Food

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