26 May 2012

DIY {Design It Yourself} Life: Up Cycled Card Container

I L.O.V.E. cards, especially the ones with thick paper and gorgeous design. I hate throwing them away. But at the same time I hate keeping them too. I'm not extremely to sentimental when it comes to keeping cards Friends, (unlike Hubby) unless it's for aesthetic purposes.

In an effort to create a more uniquely decorated home, & do something with the cards I've been keeping, I created this adorable Card Container. It is a very easy project & kids would love to do it too. It would look superb anywhere in your home. You can use it as a vase or in an office as a unique container for pins, highlighters or whatever else you can think of. A little boy or girl would love this craft to create something to hold their "stuff" in.


1 Tin Can, rinsed & clean with top removed
1 Sheet of Colored Paper (construction or plain)
1 Card
Exacto Knife
Glue Dots

1. Wrap the colored paper lengthwise on the outside of the tin can right under the lip of the can.
2. With the Exacto knife make a minor slit at the bottom of the paper where the can ends. 
3. Take the paper off the can. With your ruler cut the paper straight, starting where you made the slit at the bottom of the paper. 

4. Wrap the cut paper on the outside of the can, making sure not only that it is taught, but also that the ends overlap a bit making a seam of sorts (as shown above).
5. Glue the ends of the paper together.

6. Take your card and with the Exacto knife cut the card in half at the crease. 
7. Glue the back end of the card in the center of the back of the tin, where the crease is located. Hold the paper in place for about a minute until it sticks.
8. On the back of the the front of the card, place one glue dot in each corner of the card. Also place glue on the back of the card also. 
9. Place the front of the card in the center of the front of the tin. Hold the card in place, especially if it is thick (from 1-3 minutes) until it sticks. 

As an aside. I also covered the bottom of the tin with my colored paper by scoring it, and then cutting out the circle with the Exacto knife. It's not necessary, but an optional finishing touch. 

Don't forget that you can use this cute idea to hold anything. Put it in a bathroom to hold cotton balls, or on a vanity to hold your makeup brushes. 

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