01 May 2012

Eating Misses {But Oh So Good}

As you know Loves, this past weekend Hubby, Henri & I went to visit Steph at her college town. While traveling to HQ (better known as Steph's apartment) I could not miss the rather large active carousel in front of a restaurant on a busy street. As we were zipping by in the car I honed in on the sign, Ella's Deli and Ice Cream Parlor. I knew instantly, good food be damned! It's an old fashion ice cream parlor.

Besides the food menu totaling about 10 pages, and the ice cream soda, Sunday, malt, split menu totaling 6 pages, Ella's was a visual treat for any child & adult who is a child at heart. I can't express how great my swiss vanilla chocolate chip malt (above) was, nor the decor that fills Ella's to the brim. I just have to say Dears that in a place like that I have never felt so good about eating something so "bad" for me in a long time!

To see the fun decor of Ella's...

The Carousel outside of Ella's.

The carousel ticket booth.

Inside: the Magic of Dumbo.

An Alice in Wonderland clock.

The "Band" one of many.

The Blue Ice man.

Mini carousels to keep the theme alive indoors.

photo images: FaVorable Food

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