02 May 2012

Green Kitchen Budget Story: Re-grow your Used Kitchen Scallions

photo image: The Kitchn

Hello Dears! Happy...what day is it? Wednesday. Yes, it's Wednesday. Or as some of you like to call it "Hump Day." As you know, eating fresh & saving money is paramount on my list of a living a good life. When I read about this nifty little trick from The Kitchn I was in awe, & desperately attempting to come up with a dish that needed an injection of scallions.

Did you know that you can place those left over scallions from your recipe last night, in a glass or jar of water in front of a window sill & they will regrow for future recipe use. I kid you not. Just make sure to keep the scallion "bulbs" in tact, & the water fresh. Should grocery stores or farmers market vendors be giving out this information to us consumers? Probably not. It's quite contrary to their business model. I'm guessing this is a Green Kitchen Budget Story that only a mother or grandmother could tell.

What are your Green Kitchen Budget ideas that save you money & give you and your family fresh food? I'd like to give them a try & share them with our FaVorable Food community!

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