11 May 2012

Green Kitchen Budget Story: Re-grow Your Garlic

Hello Dearies. Spring is here, & you know I'm concentrated on gardening & saving a penny. But this little idea, I have to admit, was learned from shear lack of attention. You see, Hubby and I, shall we say...let our garlic go past it's prime. Little did we know that while it may no longer be desirously edible, it morphs into the starter for a kitchen garlic crop. Yes my Friends, what I'm learning through experience & unintended & intended research is that our uneaten fresh food from the grocery store can actually regrow if proper care is taken, or isn't, such as the case with our garlic. Curious as to how to keep this trend going I learned how to plant these little shooting cloves. Just think I'm on the verge of having my very own Casa Walczak kitchen crop of one of the worlds best healthy herbs. I suggest you go out to the local market & purchase your bulb...I mean kitchen crop, for about .40 cents.

photo image: FaVorable Food

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