30 May 2012

a Little Read: Max's Magic Seeds

I simply adore children's books. To this day. It has nothing to do with {insert sarcasm} the fact that I used to volunteer when I was younger reading books to children. Nor does it have anything to do with pinning my own children's book while in law school But unfortunately, not having the courage to pursue its publication.

I know many of you reader Friends & Family are parents or soon to be parents of young children. Given my appreciation for little ones, the written word, & great illustration (not to mention a way to chronicle my own wish list for me & Hubby's child(ren) to be) I've decided to add a Kids' Corner. Not only about children's books, but everything related to kids.

Today, we're starting with Max's Magic Seeds by Written by Geraldine Elschner, illustrated by Jean-Pierre Corderoch & translated by Charise Myngheer. Published by Penguin Young Reader Group.

This lovely little book is about a young boy, Max, who is given a sack full of seeds to scatter on his way to school. As a result, he changes the town. I love the underlying theme of horticulture, beauty, & community in this book. I am also enamored with the fact that it will make & give a young child an appreciation for growing something. Equally, I think it would do the same for parents. You are the ones who are reading it. So you should get something out of it too. No? And, it goes without saying, the illustrations are beautiful too.

all images from Max's Magic Seeds: Illustrations by Jean-Pierre Corderoch

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