07 May 2012

Monday Morning Recipe

Good Monday my Loves!! Just like our Monday Morning Recipe above, I'm going to keep today's start of the week inspiration simple & sweet (just like some of you).

There is a school of thought that Life (inherently) IS NOT complicated. But We (that's you & I) make it terribly complex.

Sit with that for awhile...

Now, try to do something different, such as our unlikely hero today "Opposite" George on Seinfeld. Remember?

George Costanza was the main loser in his life (a real negative Nelly if there ever was one). He knew it. So he decided to do the complete opposite of what his natural inclination would be concerning basically...everything. Low & behold his life radically changed quickly for the better. This bald, unemployed opposite sex strike out, met a girl, & was hired by the Yankees. His solution to his life problems was simple. He just did the opposite.

You may not need to be opposite George, Dear (or maybe some of you do). But, let's make it simple shall we?

Take all the problems, worries, & fears, & but them in the pile in your head covered with the umbrella of 

"I believe that EVERYTHING will work out to my advantage!" 
(& keep saying this whenever you need to despite what you see, or don't see in front of you). 

You see this is a happy thought. Then you will be happy. Just as explained above. Seems to simple too work, no? Go back to the beginning. "Life is not complicated. We make it terrible complex."

Happy Monday!!

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