14 May 2012

Monday Morning Recipe

It's Monday my Friends!!! And you are thinking in a rather sarcastic tone: "Oh no Elle. I'm glad you told me. I had noooooooo idea." Well Dear, petty sarcasm aside, it will be a good day for some...like my Mother.

Happy Birthday Mummy!!!

But for others there were be insane amounts of things to get accomplished. People will say ridiculous things to you, or may be rude. & others will continue to be their logic defying selves. Instead of being unpleasantly annoyed just laugh at it all.

I encountered a customer service woman so rude over the telephone a couple of weeks ago I busted out laughing. Unintentional on my part. But it so threw her for a loop, that I deduced it was a good intention to have. It shook her out of her "I hate my life so I'm going to project that onto everyone I encounter" ways. It gave me a good chuckle at the absurdity of her behavior which would have been very vexing to me otherwise. I'm not condoning making fun of people. But when behavior & life is lacking in common civility...well have a good giggle.  Happy Monday!!!

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