21 May 2012

Monday Morning Recipe

Here we are again Loves, at the TOP!...of another week. I have to say, this day, Monday, usually gives people a full blown case of the dreaded psychological & physical disease of Wishitus.

Wishitus (Wish-i-tuss): The act of wishing that something else was happing to or for a person by that person.

I imagine you are familiar with the definition, even the symptoms, but not the formal term.

Quite often this Monday spurns an epidemic outbreak of Wishitus. As people drive their motor cars or pedal their two wheelers to work they often drift.

Drifting, this is stage 1 of the dreaded Wishitus.

They drift into what doctors scientifically named the Non-Satisfielife which can only be caused by the release of the brain chemical Cannotnuerons which spurn the "I wish" cycle.  For example the infected person may have the following stage 1 dialogue...

"'I wish" I did not have to get up this early; go to this job; make this meager pay; was actually noticed; my boss is out today; this day goes quickly; I were still in bed; going to work as a {insert wish here}; was retired; independently wealthy; did not have to go to work today..." 

& so on.... 

After stage 1, the person is fully infected with Wishitus. A sneaky devil, that attacks with little warning, with a simplistic yet very fast germination period.

The only known cure for Wishitus is to:

Grow Where You Are Planted. 

A relatively pain free solution that does not require an abundance of medicinal or doctrinal care. Rather, just very small steps (almost non-preceptiable) steps each day toward the infected persons dream. That when viewed as a whole many weeks, days or years later show a profound & tremendous change in the persons life, attitude, & position.  

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