28 May 2012

Prairie Hiking Before the Storm

Isn't it about creating experiences, really my Friends (& Family...I always forget about our family, blood & and might as well be, readers of our life). Life becomes so much more enjoyable & memorable because of our experiences & not the stuff. I believe that's why we like our Memorial Days, Fourth of Julys &c...These holidays are not so much about purchasing things. Rather, they are about creating moments with friends & family with the help of maybe a cabin, boat, booze, & food.

This is where I want my life & emphasis to lie. With experiences. Moments. This Memorial Day Hubby, Henri & I went on a walk to a place we had never been in our neck of the woods, so to speak. To a State Park. It was a sweltering day. 90+. Not so good for a black lab. But excitement was abound & we took the trail less (okay, most) traveled by. The Prairie Walk hike. The grasses were the height & color of wheat. But when we stopped judging the book by it's cover & went a bit deeper there was green, red, purple & silver hues in the undergrowth.

It was a good hour. A memorable, quite, romantic hour. But after an hour our little Henri had had enough. His increased panting was our signal. Although, his enthusiasm never wained. It must of been trails, tall grass, & pseudo leashless freedom. Henri wasn't our only signal it was time to depart. The clouds ever increasing & our stomachs gave their gentle reminders too that the next stop was home sweet home.

There was no other choice, but to eat well to keep the late afternoon's streak going. So we did.

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