04 May 2012

Spicy {Optional} Avocado Toasts

It's Friday Dears!!!! Every Friday has a tendency to be pleasurable, from start to finish. Since I have started this topic of pleasure. Are you aware of how much I am in love with avocado? Mashed. Plain. Drizzled On. You name it. Well I've put my spin on a breakfast tradition (toast & butter) using avocado & spice. Hubby & I had this for breakfast earlier this week. Now, it's an instant favorite of ours for the morning. It's full of the good stuff, good fat, vitamin A, Riboflavin &c...But in my world the most important part is that it taste really, really good. Would I steer you wrong?

Is there something that you must have on your toast? There must. Don't be shy. Share it with us my Love.

The oh-so-easy recipe is here if you...
Spicy {Optional} Avocado Toasts
serves 2-4

1 Loaf Artisan Wheat Bread, sliced 
1 Whole Avocado, sliced lengthwise into 14-16 slices
1 Stick Unsalted Butter, {optional}
1 Bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Dried Chili Peppers, {Optional}

Take four slices of bread and toast them in a toaster to your desired crispiness. Once the bread is done toasting spread butter on each slice in your desired amount. Add three to four slices of avocado on top of each piece of toast. Drizzle olive oil, in your desired amount, over the avocado. Finally, add the salt & chili over each of the toast in your desire amount. Serve. Eat. Throughly Enjoy!


photo image: FaVorable Food

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