19 June 2012

1st Farmers Market Visit of the Summer

Last week I said something utterly ridiculous to Hubby. "Is the farmers market open yet?" He looked at me in bewilderment and replied, "Only since May." A local framers market groupie, I've seemed to have lost track of time. One minute it's pouring cold rain in April. The next it's mid June & I've forgotten not only local fresh fruit & vegetables are mine for the taking, but the colors of those foods are mine to take in also.

I also love looking at all the plant & flower offerings. While it may be "too late" for seasoned gardeners to do any growing of significance,  I still peruse & purchase potted herbs & annuals based on novice hopefulness. So for many posts to come, we'll be taking advantage of all the summer's farmer market has to offer in the garden & in recipes.

For a northern woman like me...I eat {no pun intended} up this time of year. I hope you do too. I hope that you like my family will spend this summer in the kitchen, with local fresh ingredients, cooking together or with friends & family, over long conversations, great music, & laughter. We must take advantage of these long, hot, slow, beautiful days, nights & weekends. 

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