28 June 2012

Keeping Fresh Dill Fresh

Summer in Casa Walczak is full. We do a lot. Socialize a lot. We always have a full kitchen of fresh flowers, vegetables, fruits, & herbs. I have been on a constant quest to keep our herbs as fresh as possible. I used to put them in the refrigerator. Then I was schooled by Hubby's mom to place them in the refrigerator (cilantro specifically) in a freezer bag with a little water at the bottom. While cool temperatures can work for keeping herbs fresh, I've found it's not particularly long lasting. But I have found the cure for keeping them fresh at least one to two weeks {although our fresh herbs never last more than a week & a half because we use them up in cooking}. Here's what works for me:

Specifically for Dill & Cilantro {this method is an abysmal failure for Basil so don't try it}.

Get a Mason jar or clear vase {you want it clear so you can keep tabs on the clarity of the water}, & fill it with lukewarm water to about 1- 2 inches up the stems. Take your fresh dill or cilantro & place it in the water in the Mason jar. Just like with fresh flowers, make sure there are no dill or cilantro leaves at the base of the stems in the water. It will make the water go "rancid" faster & kill your herbs.  Change the water every two to three days {if it is turning brown or starts to smell change it immediately]. Set the herbs in a place where it can get a few hours of indirect sun light, & a least an hour of direct sun. When you want to use the cilantro or dill for cooking just cut off the leaves with a kitchen scissors & prepare accordingly.

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