18 June 2012

Monday Morning Recipe

Sometimes gifts come in the smallest of packages with the least adornment, but with the biggest impact.

We all consider ourselves smart...in one area or another. We have work people entrust to us. We have households that run better than we think, if we give ourselves a break. We raise children, to go forth in this world to give of and use the talent we help foster in them. We manage to budget our time & money successfully {most of the time}. We know right from wrong.  We can tell good from bad. Therefore, we are smart. I believe I am smart.

This little package, the above package with the least adornment packs a wallop of an impact. It seems, so clear, so obvious! Dear friends & family...workers we are, creators, lovers, parents, conscience life drivers, calculated risk takers,

we are far...
to be our own wall.

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