19 July 2012

a Little Read: Cherry & Olive

I love children's books...it's the unearthed children's book author in me, along with the more than obvious (if you know me well enough) child in {& out} of me. I think our lives would be so much better if we read children's books. We'd get reminders of lessons already learned. & our "complex" feelings would be simplified & hope filled, not to mention the over flow of color our eyes would take in. So if you're reading kid's books to your child, don't close off the idea that any given book's lesson may be for you too. If you don't have children, let me assure you, you can still read a children's book or 1000 if you'd like. It is after all your life.

This brings me to Cherry and Olive by Benjamin Lacombe. A sweet, yet somewhat sad story of Cherry  who is a lover of books, but an outcast without friends, who happens upon an odd dog, Olive, housed at the animal shelter where her father works. This book is about finding a friend, & courage through a friend when you least expect it. It's lovely & sweet. It makes you want to hug any "Cherry" you might see, & tell her or him {we'll call him Berry} "I think there is a whole host of people who want to be your friends...me included."

images:  Cherry and Olive by Benjamin Lacombe
photos of images: FaVorable Food

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