11 July 2012

Cold Avocado Soup

The cold soup saga continues at the house. Next up was another Fannie Farmer Cookbook recipe for Cold Avocado Soup. This time I had enough confidence to make some major recipe variations, only because I love avocado & I don't think anyone can screw up what Hubby called "essentially soupy guacamole." My thoughts exactly. I have to say that this by far is my faVorite cold soup to date. We added a very warm crisp baguette with lots of olive oil brushed on and dripped inside the crust as an accompaniment...which almost stole the show. I have to say though, the soup...it's just as good the next day. Are there any other cold soups that you think we should be trying here at Casa Walczak?

Cold Avocado Soup
inspired by the Fannie Farmer Cookbook

2 large ripe Avocado, peeled and pitted
2 cups Organic Free Range Chicken Broth, or Homemade Chick Stock
2 cups Half and Half
1-2 tbsp Scallions, chopped
3 tbsp fresh Chives, chopped
4 tbsp fresh Lemon Juice
Salt & Pepper

In a blender or food processor add the broth (or stock), half and half, scallions, chives, lemon juice and avocado in that order. Puree until just blended. Add copious amounts of salt and pepper to taste. Serve. Slurp. Enjoy.


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Carole said...

Nice use of avocado. It would be super if you linked this post in to Food on Friday Series which is all about avocado