18 July 2012

Design-It-Yourself {DIY} Life: Outdoor Table Votives

I love summer for many reasons, one of which is eating outdoors. After being cooped-up inside much of the year, it's finally nice to get outdoors directly under the sky & to see and hear the birds chirping above, not to mention the animals scurrying under our deck {despite the royal pain they are). But we live in a old home where electricity has yet to be wired for light outside, with the two exceptions of our front & side door lights. Eating outside for us naturally, entails starting and ending the meal in the light, or just eating in the dark {& nothing good could ever come from eating in blackness}. I like eating by candlelight anyway. So one weekend I put this project together which I wish I would have done years ago.  Here's how...

What you'll need is listed above. 1) Glass jars, 2) Ribbon for each jar, 3) Rocks, & 4) Tea Lights for each jar. Tie a piece of ribbon around the lip of the jar. Add the rocks as if you're building a wall with a carved out center, to provide a place for your tea light. Fill the jar about half way full. Add the tea lights. Light away.

These are so pretty, especially when lit. You'll love the look while your eating your great summer meal & the light!

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