24 July 2012

Design-It-Yourself {DIY} Life: Solomon Bracelet

I'm not sure I can stop! First, it was this bracelet. Now it's the Solomon Bracelet. Maybe I was deprived of friends and friendship bracelets when I was younger. Or maybe I'm a glutton for a trend. Who knows. But my weekends are now spent making jewelry. The Solomon bracelet is easy once you get the muscle memory for the pattern.

To make the bracelet you'll need: Utility Cord (found at craft stores), S Hooks (found at any hardware store), Scissors, & a Lighter (to singe the edges). I made the bracelet from this tutorial.

I love wearing it with this my old bracelet above that I purchased in France years ago. I love the new adult take on an old middle school trend, and combination of homemade & store bought jewelry.

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