05 July 2012

Design It Yourself {DIY} Life: Women's Rope Bracelet

I hope all my American readers had a wonderful fourth of July. Hubby & I had friends over for the day, & made a wonderful French feast {we like to say in homage to the French's assistance during American's Revolutionary War}. Of course dinner had a lot of drink to go with, which unfortunately caused me so say to Henri this morn one of the many immortal phrases from the book Auntie Mame "...[Mommy] feels fierce this morning." As soon as I'm done editing the photos to protect the innocent & the not so, I'll show you why.

In the meantime, I love creating things. It's a way in which to further place your unique signature on all areas of your life. I have always been a wearer of many bracelets at a time {above is a very very mild day}. I think I was finally liberated from my self conscious shell when Madonna wore the voluminous amounts of black rubber bangles on her wrist when she hit the scene with Like a Virgin. And I have never looked back. When I saw the above bracelet tutorial from Honestly WTF...I was in. You can get the tutorial link here. This is the first of many ideas I'll gladly create from her blog. The color above will not be my last of these. Of course, all to be worn at the same time.

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