16 July 2012

Monday Morning Recipe

We think about a lot, don't we? I thought about a lot of things this weekend...most of which I'm afraid to say was not very positive {why exactly I have no idea as it is to my inherent nature to be negative}. As expected those thoughts added absolutely nothing positive to my life at all. In other words...it was useless use of my grey matter over the weekend. But here IS an interesting thought. How interesting are you? We always want to be stimulated, intrigued, or entertained by something or someone. But really, how stimulating, intriguing or entertaining are we? Can we ask for & truly expect something that we are not even willing to give? I have to admit I've spent a lot of time trying to be pretty...at work, home, & at the grocery store (even at the grocery store lip stick is required as my grandmother taught). But I have not given much through to being wildly interesting. So now I have something positive to focus on, & I'm back on track. Because I LOVE interesting people. Why wouldn't you or I be someone we love?

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