23 July 2012

Monday Morning Recipe

Here's a question we should ponder this Monday morning. This is a good one! Life is done correctly by simply asking the right questions in any given circumstance. So here it is.

Do you love yourself?

Now your answer may be, "Duh I love myself, Elle." But make sure you're not confusing "love" with "like." And just to offer a little guidance to you in answering this question, I propose, if you're unfulfilled, unhappy, unmotivated, or any other "un" you can think of...you don't love yourself. Not really. Because anyone who truly loves themselves would not let one day go by living in the "un(s)." They'd care too much about themselves to waste their time, talent, self, spirit, & most importantly their lives not being who they want to be. If you still can't wrap your head around what it means to love yourself, think about someone you love dearly; a parent, sibling, spouse, child &c... Do you love them SO MUCH you want to see them living a life unfulfilled, unhappy, & unmotivated? If the answer is "No,"then I'm guessing you have your own answer now to today's question.

Do you love yourself?

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