07 August 2012

Strawberry Yogurt with Honey

For some reason I can't get enough Greek yogurt for breakfast. I think it has to do with my reading of French Women Don't Get Fat. The author Mirelle Guiliano gained weight after studying abroad in America. Surprise! Her clever French doctor instilled in her the value of having yogurt everyday to help in her weight loss. Greek yogurt has oodles of protein. Plus, from what I've read, dairy is the only scientifically proven way to get rid of visceral fat. What is that? It's the fat that plants itself under your (my) muscles. So you (I) have an outer layer of fat. Then hidden under the outer layer of fat, you (I) have muscle. But then if you're (I'm) really lucky {sarcasm} you get visceral fat. It's actually very very dangerous for a person's health. I'm no nutritionist or scientist. But from what I've read I need all the help I can get regarding this visceral fat issue. But plain yogurt is not my thing. This is how I "make it work" (a Tim Gunn reference for all you Project Runway fans) for breakfast (like the french woman I am in my head).

To Make Strawberry Yogurt with Honey...
Gather a bunch of strawberries, tops cut off and quartered; Greek Yogurt; and Organic Honey. Place the ingredients in a bowl in your desired amounts...& say visceral fat GO A WAY!

Don't go crazy on the honey. Please. It's easy to do. I know!!

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